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Now that I've recovered from NFA...

I want to tell you all about it!

Now that I'm home from Phoenix and finally catching up on sleep, here's a little Top 10 list à la David Letterman of my favorite things about the NFA Convention!

10. Hanging out with my partner in crime and duet soulmate Stephanie.

9. Chilling out in the hotel room with our cross stitch projects, some wine, and perhaps too many peppermint patties. 😋

8. Meeting so many great new friends and finally putting faces with Instagram handles!

7. Playing in the NFA Professional Flute Choir for the second time. Great repertoire, great people, great experience!

The Jolly Jones Duo with PFC conductor extraordinaire Kelly Via!

6. Hearing lots of great performances and coming home inspired to practice!

5. Shopping for more sheet music, accessories, and trying out new stuff.

Someday one of these babies will come home with me. Not yet.

4. Air conditioning. Enough said. 🥵

3. Catching up with lots of familiar folks who I love seeing at every event!

You guys know Carolyn!

2. Seeing my sheet music in the wild!

1. My absolute favorite moment of NFA was finally getting to perform my arrangements for a really awesome audience! Not gonna lie, I even cried just a tiny bit at the end. If you know me, you know thats a good thing!

ICYMI, check out the links below to watch the full performance or get your own copy of the music!


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