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Moyse: 24 Petites Études Mélodiques – No. 6

This was done at the end of a marathon recording session for a Jolly Jones Duo project, so I’ve got the metal head joint today because of that. I had thought of doing a back-to-back recording comparing this with my wood head joint, but that will have to wait for another etude. My face was pretty tired by this point in my day, and I think that’s pretty obvious in this recording. I still love this head joint and it’s definitely the right one for some situations, but at this point I’m more comfortable on the wood one and it definitely affects my endurance after I’ve switched back to metal. Since I’m pretty much only playing by myself these days (thanks quarantine) I’m going to have to make sure to even out my practicing just a bit so I’m not totally out of shape on this head joint when I get to play with other people again!


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