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Moyse: 24 Petites Études Mélodiques – No. 1

24 Little Melodic Studies with Variations (Easy)- let’s start with number 1! It has simple rhythms, the fingers don’t have to move very quickly, and it’s in C Major. Easy indeed!

Not so fast.

What you don’t see in the video are the first six times I tried to start with a beautiful pianissimo right at the beginning. I found that as I worked on this there was always more I could do with dynamics and phrasing and intonation and everything. I tried to keep things from getting too slow and really focused on not gasping too loudly when it was time to breathe. Moyse’s definition of “easy” is actually incredibly difficult to pull off! This etude will be a great one to revisit when I want to focus on the things around the notes- breath, posture, light fingers, the list is endless!

Thanks for listening today- I always welcome constructive feedback!


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