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Köhler: 22 Etudes d’expression, Op. 89 – No. 3

Here’s the next Etude of the Week post, one day late. I had initially recorded this etude on Friday but really didn’t like that take, so I planned to try again over the weekend. Holiday laziness took over and I didn’t end up recording until today, but that’s OK! This is the point where I would normally crash and burn with EOTW progress because everything isn’t perfect and on time, but in the interest of growth and improvement I won’t let that happen this time!

This particular etude was suddenly quite a bit harder than the first two in the book and took me a lot more time to put together. There are a couple spots where the fingers really didn’t want to cooperate that required a lot of slow metronome practice. It also feels incredibly long while I’m in the middle of playing it, and I think you can tell at the end of this recording that I was really ready to be done when I finally got to the last few lines!

Fortunately the next Köhler etude is a bit more fun to play, so I’m looking forward to working through that over the next few days!

#EOTW #KohlerOp89

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