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Köhler: 22 Etudes d’expression, Op. 89 – No. 2

Time for another Etude of the Week post! Here’s Köhler No. 2 in A minor, recorded in one take because it was too hot to keep the fan turned off for any further attempts.

There are definitely a few spots I would have liked to play more cleanly, and some spots where the intonation is a little suspicious. There are a lot of dynamic contrasts written into this one, and I felt like I was doing a pretty good job observing them, but they’re not apparent on this recording. Most of my recordings are done using an iPhone, but I have a nicer Zoom H2 recorder that I think I need to start using again. I also need to dig out the foot pedal so I don’t have pause at the page turn- fortunately in this etude it was already in a decent spot for a small break!

I hope to be back tomorrow for another Andersen etude! Happy Friday!


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