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Drouet 25 Studies: No. 17

Hello again! I recorded this video a couple weeks ago but completely forgot about posting it until now - oopsie!

For this recording, I chose to use a very different (and closer!) camera placement than usual. Not only am I able to inspect how well I put on my makeup that day, but I can also get a really good view of how my embouchure is behaving during this etude. There are some spots where I'm moving my lips quite a lot, but I think that it's actually a good thing because of all the interval leaps in this study. This angle also make it look like my embouchure is WAY off-center - it's not as far off to the left as it looks here!

I've got a few more videos already recorded and several more coming soon, so hopefully I'll be a more frequent blog poster! See you again soon!

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