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Drouet: 25 Studies for the Flute - No. 3

Here's another Sunday evening Etude of the Week recording! Practicing has been nearly non-existent for the last couple weeks due to some business revamping and website redesign (if you're looking at this new version, hello!) that's been sucking up all my brain power.

This particular recording was an exercise in carrying on through frustration! I recorded three versions of it, figured one had to be a keeper, and then discovered my phone wasn't actually recording. ARGH! For my last attempt, I just wanted to get. through. it. so this is probably a little more aggressive and less elegant than I would have liked.

I'm really really really going to finish up my (not-quite-abandoned) trip through Andersen Op. 37 this week, I have other things I want to play! See you again soon!

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