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Donjon: Etudes de Salon – No. 4 Volubile

Hey students- you know how I’m always going on about how we should aim for beautiful, accurate musicianship but how we also live in reality and have to practice how to make mistakes nicely? Yeah, this recording is that second thing.

Some nights you sleep on your shoulder funny and it makes your left hand feel weird. Some days you take shortcuts when you warm up because it’s warm and the flute is slippery. Some days are just bad flute days and today was one of them.

Bad flute day or not, this was the day I needed to record my Etude of the Week. When all the bad flute stuff happens, sometimes you just have to live with what comes out. Overall this was probably not my worst performance ever, but I will be happy to try this one again on a better day.

See you soon for more Moyse!


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