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Book Finish! Köhler – 22 Etudes d’Expression, Op. 89 – No. 11

At the eleventh hour, I’ve finished this book for Etude of the Week! Yes, the title is 22 Etudes d’Expression and this is only No. 11, but it’s split into two volumes so I’m claiming my victory. The last couple weeks have not been great for Etude practicing, so this one is a little more rough that I would have liked. This was the best of all the recordings I made, despite the slight detour to A minor in the last measure – whoops! These were fun and challenging etudes, but I’m definitely glad to be moving on to the next selection.

Final reflections on Köhler 22 Etudes d’Expression, Op. 89 (volume 1):

  1. Date started: June 19, 2020

  2. Date completed: September 6, 2020

  3. Favorite etude: No. 10 G minor

  4. Most challenging etude: No. 8 B minor

#EOTW #KohlerOp89

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