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Book Finish! Donjon: Etudes de Salon – No. 8 Le Tambour

With this etude, I’ve finished my first book since starting this project! Because of everything going on this week, my focus and practicing weren’t great, so this recording definitely has things I’d like to improve. When I’m not playing as much, the first thing to go is my flexibility and that’s a really big deal in this etude, much like all the others in this book. I would have liked to do more with dynamics since this one is so repetitive, but for now this has to be good enough.

Final reflections on Donjon’s Etudes de Salon:

  1. Date started: April 17, 2020 (before this blog was born!)

  2. Date completed: June 7, 2020

  3. Favorite etude: No. 7 Le Follet

  4. Most challenging etude: No. 5 Gigue

See you tomorrow for some Moyse!


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