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Andersen: 26 Small Caprices, Op. 37 – No. 17

Happy Monday! Can you believe we’re already a third of the way through August?

Here’s Andersen No. 17 – this was a good exercise for me to focus on flexibility in the larger intervals. I’ve been switching between my head joints more than usual lately, so I don’t feel quite at home on either one right now. This was recorded at the end of a longer practice session than usual, so by this point I was more comfortable and the intervals felt smoother than they did earlier in the day. As always, I find that better support from my core means better and more acrobatic sound. This video also makes it obvious that I can’t skip wearing my glasses – I need to stop leaning forward into the music!

This will be a shorter practicing week for me, but I’m hoping to squeeze a few more etudes into the next couple days! See you soon!


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