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Andersen: 26 Small Caprices, Op. 37 – No. 12

TGIF! I’m trying to get back on a more regular etude schedule, so here’s the just-barely-better-than-sightreading version of No. 12 in G sharp minor. This one isn’t too bad in terms of tempo and technique, but finding places to breathe and making all the repetition sound interesting are more of a challenge. The phone was closer to me than usual which amplifies the breaths, but I definitely want to work on breathing more quietly. I’m pretty proud of myself for not getting distracted and falling apart when my husband wandered down the stairs and directly behind my music!

For the knitting fans out there, I’m wearing my Donner pullover by Elizabeth Doherty. Someday I’ll get to wear my cool stuff out into the real world, but until then – more etudes! See you again soon!


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