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Andersen: 26 Small Caprices, Op. 37 – No. 10

I had hoped to post an Etude of the Week recording today, but after my first several attempts went really badly, here’s some Andersen! I’ll keep working on the Köhler and post a better version of it tomorrow.

The big challenge in this etude in making it feel like a melody rather than just an interval exercise, though getting beautiful smooth intervals is important too. One thing I don’t love about this recording is my breathing- I didn’t quite breathe in the places I planned, so sometimes my breaths were shallower and noisier than I would have liked. Breathing more unobtrusively has been an area I’d like to improve for a while, so it’s definitely something for me to keep in mind as I move forward.

Number 11 is pretty tricky, so it’s time for me to get busy!


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