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Andersen: 26 Small Caprices Op. 37 – No. 1

Time for a new book! There are so many etude books by Joachim Andersen and they’re a hugely important part of flute pedagogy, but have I finished any of them? No! I’ve decided to start with 26 Small Caprices Op. 37 and will progress to the harder books once I’ve worked through this one.

This etude was a good one for working on nice clean staccato articulations. I was aiming for maximum clarity at the beginning of each note, which was tough! I’ve also tried to be more aware of my support lately, so keeping that in mind will be a constant challenge.

Since the studies in this book are on the shorter side, I’d like to try to get through this set quickly. The stack of etude books waiting for me is quite tall and seems to keep growing! See you tomorrow for No. 2!


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